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Tibetan Purple Barley Flour

Barley flour is slightly sweet and nutty, high in fiber and low in starch, positioning it low on the glycemic index. Barley flour is versatile and delicious in many recipes, especially pancakes and quick breads.

Los Poblanos is proud to be working with the Southwest Grain Collaborative to support a renewed grain infrastructure for New Mexico and revive traditional heirloom grains through regenerative organic farming. Find seasonally updated recipes and all of the current available grains on the Heirloom Grain Collection Blog.

Expert Tip: Barley flour can substitute for all-purpose flour in many recipes. If you are new to barely flour, try starting with a 25% substitution.

  • 908 g (2 Lbs)
  • Grown and packaged in New Mexico
  • Comes in a reusable flour bag