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As stewards of this unique property, our dedicated team holds themselves to the highest standards and work tirelessly to constantly improve their craft. Our butchery and bakery initiatives are beautiful examples of hard work resulting in quality products. Visit the Farm Shop for freshly baked artisan breads and house-made sausages to take home and enjoy in the comfort of your own home.


From Our Bakery

Campo's bakery crafts small-batch artisan offerings for the entire property, ranging from breads and pastries to cakes and cookies. Stop in early to select from our core bread collection, which includes a French baguette, Farm Sourdough and the farm favorite - Green Chile Sourdough. Equally delicious loaves like Cherry Pistachio, Seeded Whole Wheat and Blue Corn Polenta are also offered in the shop on a rotating basis. Time and talent go into each loaf as it requires days to prepare the perfect fermentation. Then, they are baked using a European steam-injected oven, which gives our French baguettes a perfectly thin, crispy crust. Enjoy a fresh loaf of sourdough paired with our Green Chile Jam or with olive oil and Chile Rojo Dipping Herbs, and use a baguette as a bun for a house-made sausage. Stop by the Farm Shop to pick up your fresh loaf today.


From Our Butchery

The butchery at Los Poblanos has developed into a whole-animal operation sourced from local, family-run farms and supplies the entire culinary program with cuts of meat, house-made sausages and artisan charcuterie. Dedication to quality begins with the meat itself, and everything you'll find in our butchery is humanely raised, sustainably harvested, and without fillers, antibiotics or hormones. The three signature sausage flavors, spicy chorizo, green chile pork and lemon chicken, incorporate fresh, local ingredients for a satisfying sausage that's begging to be enjoyed out on the patio with a local brew. Chef Jonathan says sausage is "a real comfort food" and ideal for times like these. Stop by the Farm Shop to pick up your frozen 4-pack of sausages today.