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Molinillo Whisk

Hand carved from solid wood and burned slightly for darker intricate patterns, this artesian Molinillo Whisk will make a statement in your kitchen as you whip up your next batch of homemade hot chocolate. Make enough for the whole family by pairing the whisk with our Los Poblanos Chocolate de Nuevo Mexico making sure everyone has a turn at whisking.

The slender handle makes it easy to twist vigorously between palm of your hands, creating a big pot of well-blended and frothy hot chocolate. With a smooth pestle bottom that softens and grinds the chocolate as it dissolves in hot milk, the loose rings whip air into the hot chocolate and eventually results in frothy top. The molinillo is also great for mixing large batches of homemade cocktails, lemonades and punches.

The ritual of drinking chocolate originates in southern Mexico where they revered the cacao tree, drink and its froth with divine qualities. They poured chocolate drinks from one cup to another since the "spirit of the drink" was said to reside in the froth itself.

Each molinillo is uniquely made by hand, turned and carved out of a single piece of wood, then decorated with dark accents burned into beautiful geometric designs. It’s a craft that is shared by skillful Mexican artisans and passed on to keep these rich, intricate pieces of history alive.

  • Holds 2 cups
  • 7.5" w x 5.5" h