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Lavender Hand Sanitizer

After over a year of development, our production team has crafted a sanitizer that not only refreshes hands, but blends our own home-grown, home-distilled lavender and a touch of rose water to offer an aromatherapeutic boost. Lavender has been used for thousands of years for its natural healing and antiseptic properties, and effortlessly lends itself for use in a sanitizer. Pairs perfectly with our signature Lavender Hand Soap and Lotion for the ultimate hand cleansing experience.

Expert tip: Don't forget to moisturize! Our skin is the first defense we have to protect ourselves, and its important to keep it healthy and hydrated. After applying sanitizer, use our Lavender Lotion or Lavender Salve for the ultimate hand cleansing experience.

  • Made with essential oil from certified organic Grosso Lavender that is grown and distilled on the Los Poblanos farm
  • Proudly made in New Mexico
  • Active Ingredient: Ethanol 65%
  • 8 oz bottle with pump