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Growing the Southwest Garden

Create a flourishing garden in a harsh climate, guided by Judith Phillips, a plant consultant, landscape designer and friend of the farm who designed the landscapes surrounding the Farm and Field Suites at Los Poblanos. Walking the grounds at Los Poblanos, one can attest to the beauty and continuity of the gardens that Judith created. 

The challenge of gardening in the Southwest is greater than ever before. Extremes of temperature and drought are more pronounced, and precious water resources are stretched thin. But it can be done spectacularly and garden designer Judith Phillips shows you how. You'll learn how to cope with your local soils and climate, meld your dream outdoor space with the site you have, choose plants suited to Southwestern extremes, and keep your garden healthy.

Above all, you'll discover that living in a demanding environment doesn't mean sacrificing the quality of your home landscape. By gardening thoughtfully and choosing resilient plants, you too can make your yard a place of beauty and refuge. For gardeners in Arizona, southwestern Colorado, southeastern Nevada, New Mexico, western Texas and southern Utah.

  • Hardcover
  • 316 pages
  • 9.5" x 7.75"