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Santa Fe Culinaria Blue Corn Piñon Pancake Mix

Originally planted by the Hopi, a Native American tribe in the Four Corners that holds a reputation as superior drylands farmers, blue corn has been growing in the Southwest for centuries. Packed with protein and boasting a strong, nutty flavor, blue corn can be enjoyed many ways - from tortillas to cereals. While we love blue corn in all forms, a stack of pancakes is undoubtedly our favorite way!

In attempt to recreate a favorite restaurant's blue corn pancake, Santa Fe Culinaria proprietors Holly Beaumont and James Mokres have been mixing up their delicious line of pancake mixes since 1994. We love their Blue Corn Piñon Pancake Mix, which has a blend of finely ground organic Hopi heirloom blue cornmeal and whole pine nuts that lend a delicate texture and unique flavor that truly represents New Mexico.

Expert tip: Whip up a batch and pair with fruit and a splash of Lavender Simple Syrup for a distinctly Los Poblanos-inspired breakfast.

  • 15 oz bag
  • Ingredients: organic blue cornmeal, unbleached enriched wheat flour, whole oat flour, cane sugar, organic soy flour, pine nuts, non-aluminum baking powder, salt