The Manzanares Family, owners of Shepherd's Lamb, raise Navajo-Churro sheep who are descended from the Churra sheep of Spain, first brought to North America by Spanish explorers in the 16th century. Many Native American tribes in the west of the United States acquired Churro sheep from the explorers and the breed became extremely popular in the Rio Grande Valley region.

Antonio and Molly Manzanares carry on the tradition of raising sheep in the northern New Mexico Mountains. Their land in the Tierra Amarilla area was owned by Antonio's grandfather who raised sheep there and the couple reestablished the family tradition when they married. They started with a flock of 30 sheep and have, with the help of their children, grown it into one 1,000 sheep strong. They provide local communities with organic meat and pelts, yarns, wool, and high-quality blankets. We at Los Poblanos are pleased to have their beautiful blankets and churro wool yarn available in our Farm Shop. Read more about them in this New York Times article.

Or learn more of their story in this insightful video: 

Photos courtesy of Shepherd's Lamb