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About Damian & Alex Velasquez

Damian Velasquez

Damian Velasquez has been designing and building modern furniture since 1990. Many of his original designs are still in production today. The ability to accommodate special dimensions and color requests has been his strength in an environment where most furniture is only available in stock sizes. As a local craftsman who began his artisan career working with jewelry, he shifted into making furniture out of necessity, crafting bed frames and futons, which quickly evolved into creating custom furniture for his friends. After experimenting with different forms and materials, Damian has developed a passion working with steel and wood furniture. 

Alex Velasquez

Alex Velasquez says "the inclination and compulsion to craft was coded in me since birth." When his father, Damian, showed him how to use a heat source to form metals, Alex quickly learned how to control his hands and coax hot metal to soften, flow and re-form into what he wanted. As a curious child fascinated by the sciences, soldering sterling silver into simple sleek rings was the beginning of his love affair with industrial metals.

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