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Seasonal Hydrosols

Los Poblanos will be releasing seasonal hydrosols, distilled in small batches right on the farm. These small batch hydrosols have gained popularity as they are used in treatments at the Hacienda Spa. Now, you can enjoy the spa experience in your daily routine.

These seasonal hydrosols are limited quantity with new scents coming and going every few months.

Christmas Tree Pine Hydrosol made from Los Poblanos' 2021 Christmas trees, has a fresh, slightly sweet, woodsy aroma. Historically, it has been used to soothe dry skin, reduce inflammation, and brighten and lighten dark spots. Pine (Pinus) hydrosol is perfect for any skin types, but especially helpful for dry or mature skin.

Rose Hydrosol (rosa damascena) has a sweet and floral aroma reminiscent of lush blooms from our own historic Rose Greely Garden. It's traditionally known for reducing the appearance of fine lines, retaining moisture, providing deep hydration, and softening, soothing and toning skin. Roses have long been symbolic of love, nobility and sacrality. This hydrosol is perfect for any skin type, but is especially helpful for dry or dehydrated skin.

Sweet Orange Hydrosol is currently out of stock online.

To use, hold 10-12 inches away from your skin and mist 2-3 times before moisturizing or applying serums. For an added exfoliation benefit, spray on a cotton round and wipe face instead of misting.

  • Proudly made in New Mexico
  • Tested on farmers, not animals
  • Available in a 1 oz in amber glass spray bottle