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Blue Corn

Blue Corn has a long history of cultivation in the Rio Grande Valley and is a staple in the culinary and cultural traditions of Pueblo Tribes. Compared to white and yellow varieties, Blue Corn is higher in protein and has a lower glycemic index. When ground, the blue cornmeal has a sweet nutty flavor traditionally used to make tortillas or masa for tamales. Dried Blue Corn kernels, considered a whole grain, are delicious when cooked long and slow in a soup or stew. 

Los Poblanos is proud to be working with the Southwest Grain Collaborative to support a renewed grain infrastructure for New Mexico and revive traditional heirloom grains through regenerative organic farming. 

Expert Tip: Soak overnight to shorten cooking time.

  • 908 g (2 Lbs)
  • Grown and packaged in New Mexico
  • Comes in a reusable flour bag