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Terracotta Foot Scrubber

Called "The Best" by "O" the Oprah Magazine, this two-sided foot scrubber works to clean, exfoliate and smooth dry, rough skin. Used regularly, it helps to remove calluses and reduces dry, cracked areas. Hand-formed by artisan women in Pakistan, this foot scrubber is made of 100% natural terracotta, sun-dried and kiln-fired so it won't wear out, disintegrate or get moldy like other pumice stones.

Expert tip: At the end of your shower or bath, add a few drops of Los Poblanos Lavender Body Wash to the rougher side of the foot scrubber and gently scrub around dry or callused areas. Turn it over to use the washboard buffing side to help smooth your skin. Finish by applying our Los Poblanos Lavender Salve to help moisturize the areas that need it most.

  • Made in Pakistan
  • 100% terracotta