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Titanium Spatula

Working as an assistant fabricator with his father, Damian Velasquez, Alex Velasquez grew up learning many crafts including metalworking, woodworking and fabrication. There’s no doubt Alex is a product of the entrepreneurial environment he was raised in as he’s building a visual arts company of his own, Apollo Road.

This durable, unbreakable titanium cooking spatula is his first official design. The blade is thin and strong enough to cut food as it cooks, yet flexible enough to maneuver and scrape in an elegant fashion. Titanium is food safe and unparalleled in its corrosion resistance – it will stand the test of time.

“I love your spatula. I am a professional chef and am always looking for a thin spatula. It is perfect for dislodging delicate desserts from pans. This one holds up to the heat and I use it for baking, frying eggs, stirring and it has become my favorite tool. It is small but the perfect size for so many chores. I find I need only your spatula, a whisk, a knife and a silicon spatula to be happy. I am a huge fan."
-Lisa Kuk, Professional Chef in Sonoma Valley

  • Properly weighted and light as a feather
  • Made with 99.02% pure grade 2 titanium which is food safe and will not affect taste in any way
  • Titanium has low thermal conductivity and transfers heat slowly – the handle stays cool
  • 11.5" long x 2.5" wide