$ 40.00

Talavera Espresso Cup

Maiolica (Talavera) is a 400 year old process of making pottery that is known With aspects and influences ranging from Italian, Spanish, Moroccan, Chinese, and Mexican. Maiolica Poblana is associated with the finest glazed ceramics of Mexico and one of the most important ceramic traditions of the Western hemisphere.

Arte Ventosa follows the vision of Enrique Luis Ventosa Fina of Puebla established in 1917.  Having obtained his art education in Paris, Ventosa came to Puebla from Barcelona, Spain in 1898, and quickly commenced to elevate the modern standard of the clay art by reviving many of the old designs. He made a thorough study of the ancient Maiolica of Mexico, and his knowledge of the old Spanish wares enabled him to combine the Mexican and Spanish methods in his productions.

Arte Ventosa, works in the traditional Talavera tradition by producing pieces modeled after colonial types, as well as more contemporary pieces. Each piece is completely handmade and can take up to three months to complete.

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