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Soilutions Gentle Blend Potting Mix

This specially formulated soil mix contains the ideal moisture-to-nutrient balance for seed starting and all-purpose potting. The nutrient-rich blend promotes healthy plant growth and blooms. The mix includes PittMoss, a sustainable alternative to peat moss that is added to shredded coconut fiber to magically drains excess water but hold in the perfect amount of moisture.

With pumice from New Mexico, a touch of compost, some worm castings and microbiotic-inoculated humic acid, this is not your average potting soil. Gentle Blend was designed with germination and propagating cuttings in mind, but well-suited for house plants and herbs, or anything else that grows. 

Soilutions started as a regenerative compost company in Albuquerque’s South Valley and has grown to be New Mexico’s largest private compost and soil company; diverting millions of pounds of organic waste away from landfills each year. 


  • 2lb bag
  • Made in New Mexico