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Natural Piñon Incense

Tantalize your nose with Piñon Incense that has a smooth Southwestern aroma and a distinctive fragrance, unlike other pines. It is best described as the smell of a campfires or hearth fires, bringing back the nostalgia of campouts with family and friends. Piñon trees are native to New Mexican high desert forests and are an important part of indigenous culture here. Anyone who has been lucky enough to hike through our Sandia Mountains will immediately recognize the scent. When burned, the smoke is a soft smell of Piñon that fills the air in towns and villages throughout New Mexico.

The smell of green chiles roasting and piñon wood burning are invariably linked to the changing seasons of New Mexico. Utilizing only trees that have completed their natural life cycle, recreate the magic with these authentic 100% natural piñon wood bricks, made fresh in Albuquerque with local piñon wood and love with over 30 years of experience.


  • 2.5 oz, approximately 40 bricks
  • Bricks are approximately 1" x .25" x .25"
  • Made with 100% natural wood
  • No synthetic chemicals, binders, or dyes