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Marilyn Neuhart Santa Towel

Marilyn Neuhart tells the story of this image:

I had the bright idea to make a giant card for Christmas 1969. John was not noticeably enthusiastic but he went along with the idea, so I drew the Santa, cut some screens and John did the type. It took both of us to pull the squeegee because of the large amount of ink required for a poster of this size. That didn't work very well, so I got behind John and held on to his belt while he gave a mighty pull. That made him even more unhappy. John rigged a clothesline to hang the wet sheets on. The fumes really built up after a bit so John opened the garage door, causing the sheets to blow into each other and get smudged. By this time he was openly hostile, and kept saying you think of that? We started with 150 sheets, a number that rapidly dwindled to our final edition of about 75. We were divorced at least six times during the process, which was normal for this type of project.

John and‚ Marilyn Neuhart‚ worked in the Los Angeles area for fifty-five years as graphic and exhibition designers, and professors.‚ They‚ have worked together professionally since their marriage and have collaborated on numerous design projects, including graphics, films and exhibitions. From 1980 to 1998 they were partners in the design firm Neuhart Donges Neuhart

  • 100% cotton
  • Made in the USA
  • 25 x 28 in. (635 x 710 mm)

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