Green New Mexico Turquoise Pendant

Product Description
$ 160.00

A unique turquoise stone from Hachita, NM set into a finely detailed, sterling silver hand forged pendant. Hachita turquoise is predominately green with a light to dark brown matrix that can form a beautiful spider webbing.

Hachita turquoise is from a group of mines near Old Hachita, Grant County, New Mexico. The name "Hachita" comes from the Spanish term for "Little Hatchet".

Happy Picasso and Rudy Willie are a Navajo couple and silversmithing team who are known for their precise, detailed work and contemporary esthetic. They prefer using natural, untreated stones in their jewelry.

  • Perfect for hanging on a chain of "Navajo Pearls".
  • 1-1/4 Width, 1-3/4 Long (not including loop)
  • Loop will fit beads up to 3/8' in diameter