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Bolita Beans

Well adapted to high altitudes and dry-land farming, Bolitas have been grown for centuries in the traditional Hispanic communities of northern New Mexico. Bolita Beans are similar to Pinto Beans, but richer tasting and slightly sweeter with a creamy texture. Their thinner skin makes them easier to digest and speeds cooking time. They are perfect in classic New Mexican dishes or delicious on their own as a hearty, protein-rich element to any meal.

Los Poblanos is proud to be working with the Southwest Grain Collaborative to support a renewed grain infrastructure for New Mexico and revive traditional heirloom grains through regenerative organic farming. 

Expert Tip: Soak overnight to shorten cooking time.

  • 908 g (2 Lbs)
  • Grown and packaged in New Mexico
  • Comes in a reusable flour bag