Organic Traditional Balsamic Vinegar

Product Description
$ 44.00
"In the high desert of the American Southwest, this Italian style classic is made with estate-grown organic grapes, aged in rare wood casks from Modena, Italy. It is artisanal, sustainable, and rare with no New World equal.

 Steve Darland, The Darland Company, LLC.


The finest offering at the Farm Shop is an 20-year aged traditional balsamic made in Monticello, New Mexico and is raising eyebrows around the world. Paul Bertolli says it “the best and most authentic of the New World balsamics that I have tasted‚ The senior editor of Saveur magazine, Kate Kracklauer said “We are completely beguiled."

Los Poblanos head Chef Jonathan Perno calls this ingredient “brilliant & incomparable" because it brings out flavors in grilled meats and vegetables, and creates a unique experience with figs, strawberries and ice cream.

If you want the perfect gift for a devout chef, food enthusiast or newlywed foodies, look no further. The classic 4.5 oz. bottle‚ contains what could have been 50 standard bottles of top-quality wine, but the “angels share" (natural evaporation through the wood casks) reduces this liquid into a dense and viscous elixir of the Gods.The ash, acacia, cherry, chestnut, juniper, mulberry, and oak barrels made by Renzi of Modena all impart flavor throughout the aging process.

Fewer than 900 bottles are corked annually, so claim your traditional balsamic today!

Note: Almost every commercially available balsamic today is considered industrial because of the production methods and ingredients. Very few producers get the privilege of labeling their balsamic “condiment" or “traditional", as this indicates a laborious, artful, single-ingredient driven process that can only be achieved with grapes, casks and time. This is one of the only certified organic traditional balsamics available on earth- and one of the finest artisan products made in the American southwest.

  • Choose either 1oz or 4.5oz glass bottle