$ 14.00

Sabah Mist

Sabah has been around since 2013, hand-stitching leather shoes with a family of craftsmen in southeast Turkey. Using a traditional shoemaking process, they are celebrated for their quality, comfort and unique look. Sabahs are made entirely by hand and the team at Sabah travel the world selling them, one pair at a time. Their passion for travel and exploration inspired this scent.

With earthy notes of sage, cypress, juniper, vetiver, patchouli, cedar and organic lavender, both brands agree it's the perfect enhancement to your travel routine. Or simply use a spritz in your home, on linens or body and relax without leaving the living room. 

  • Proudly made in New Mexico with essential oil from certified organic Grosso Lavender that is grown and distilled on the Los Poblanos farm
  • Tested on farmers, not animals
  • Available in a 1 oz glass spray bottle