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The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone

One of the most influential and important cookbooks of its time, Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone was originally released in 1997 and has been a Farm Shop staple since we opened our doors. If you don't own this cookbook, now is your opportunity to buy what many consider to be a vegetarians bible in the kitchen. Vegetarian or not, this book is an essential guide for those who grow or cook with fresh produce. It makes the perfect gift - many of these copies become family heirlooms they are used so much!

If you're already a proud owner of the original, here is what Deborah says about the difference:

“For the most part it is the same book you already know. The point wasn't to write an entirely new book, but to bring its contents up to date. There are 150 new recipes, but there is also a greater emphasis on tempeh (and other fermented soy foods) than tofu, which we now see as being more beneficial than we once thought. There is a designation of those recipes that are vegan and more vegan options as well. Recipes that were especially rich or challenging for other reasons were either eliminated or adapted to reflect today's tastes. A section on vegetable sautees replaces some of the more complicated stir-fries, and among the breads is now a no-knead recipe with some great variations.

That foods have changed along with our tastes is reflected in this new volume. Ingredients like smoked paprika and smoked salt, shichimi togorashi, rau ram (Vietnamese coriander) and curry leaves are more familiar and available than they once were. We now have coconut oil and a coconut beverage along with almond, rice, hemp and other dairy substitutes. Shishito, fushimi and padron peppers are as familiar to some as jalapeno and serrano peppers once were. Kale was not eaten as salad when VCFE first appeared. Now it is. We may have cooked wheat berries before, but we didn't cook farro until recently, and so it goes. Forbidden rice, frikeh, cracked, pearled and whole farro, unhomogenized dairy have all arrived and today we know about tartines as well as sandwiches. Another thing that has changed are the countless authors who are truly expert in a single area, be it bread, curries, Asian vegetables, which means that this volume doesn't really have to contain everything for there are many other books to choose from when our expertise in a particular culinary culture grows.

So while there are many changes (plus a new design within and without), it's also true that many things have remained the same. You'll find your old friends here and hopefully discover some new ones. As in the older version, if you're vegetarian, you can eat everything in this book. If you're vegan, you can eat from a great many recipes or make the changes you're accustomed to. And if you are an omnivore, there's nothing that says these recipes can't be served with meat or made with meat-based stocks. The choice is entirely yours. As for gluten free, paleo, and the many dietary options that people turn to day, it was not the scope of this work to cover them. My belief is you know who you are, what you like to eat and, quite often, the changes you need to make to make a dish work for you.

Whatever your personal approach, I hope you enjoy The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone."

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