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If There Are Squash Bugs in Heaven I Ain't Staying

Stacia Spragg-Braude is a writer and photographer living in Corrales, New Mexico, just down the road from the Farm Shop. Don't let the silly title fool you - this book is truly incredible and is winner of the 2014 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards for Best Book and Best Biography, New Mexico. 

This book is a beautifully written and engaging homage to Evelyn Losack. Losack is a farmer and water rights activist from Corrales, where acequias are still the main irrigation source for valley farmers. Squash Bugs grabs you with its personal tale of a great life, lived to the fullest, and keeps you turning the pages with the author's sweet way of diving into the heart. Corrales is a small community on the northern outskirts of Albuquerque, part of the Rio Grande Valley, and part of a long line of agriculture.

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